This Week at St. Gregory's March 26 - April 2, 2018

Mass of Collegiality is Tuesday (March 27) at 10am in Bedford at St. Vincent’s. 


Holy Eucharist will be said at Watercrest on Wednesday (March 28), 1pm.


Holy Eucharist will be Wednesday at 6:30pm.


Choir practice will follow the Wednesday evening mass.


Maundy Thursday is at 7pm this Thursday.


The Altar of Repose begins Thursday at 8pm and continues through Friday at noon.  There are prayer times available through the night.  Prayer sign ups are on the church credenza.


Stations of the Cross will be said Friday at 12 pm. 

Good Friday liturgy is at 7 pm on Friday.

Prayers will be said on Saturday at 10am.

Anyone interested in filling Easter eggs please meet in the parish hall at 10:30 following Saturday prayers.  If you are donating candy and eggs, please bring them Saturday. 

Kids!  Bring your Easter baskets Sunday.  The Easter egg hunt will follow the 9am Mass. 

The church office will be closed Friday, March 30 and Monday, April 2. 





 Tuesday       10:00 am:  Small Group Study

                     10:00 am:  Mass of Collegiality, St. Vincent’s

                       7:00 pm:  Small Group Study


                Wednesday           1:00 pm:  Holy Eucharist at Watercrest

                                             6:30 pm: Holy Eucharist

                                            7:00 pm: Choir Practice


                  Thursday         7:00 pm:  Maundy Thursday

                                          8:00 pm:  Altar of Repose  (Through Friday, 12pm)


                     Friday           Office Closed

                                         10:00 am:  Stations of the Cross

                                          7:00 pm:  Good Friday liturgy



                    Saturday        10:00 am:  Prayers

                                            8:00 pm:  Easter Vigil


                   Sunday         9:00 am: Holy Eucharist 

                                       10:15 am:  Easter Egg Hunt


                  Monday         Office Closed




Have a great week!  You are being prayed for!



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