This Week at St. Gregory’s June 29 – July 5, 2020

Morning Prayer Monday through Friday at 8:45 am is live streamed via Facebook. 


All are invited to participate in the choir collaboration. We will sing The Church's One Foundation (525 in your hymnal).  Everyone should record themselves singing and send the recording to Tim who prefers a video recording, but audio works to.   

 To begin, go to the following link for all the "click" files that have a metronome and melody for you to listen to while singing: 


  1. Download the one that you would like to sing.  If you are not sure, choose the "Soprano - Melody" file and sing in your own voice.
  2. Download the verses as well.
  3. Using earphones or headphones, listen to the click track and sing along using the verses sheet.
  4. Practice this a few times.
  5. When you are ready, record yourself using a separate phone/camera.  You need to have the click track playing in your earphones so that we can put them all together properly.  Tim cannot match all the parts unless you are hearing the click track file while recording.
  6. These will be relatively large recording files so share them using Dropbox, Google Drive, or Wetransfer.com and email the link to that file to Tim.
  7. The deadline is July 3rd.  Tim will put the video together for Sunday.
  8. Taking a page from Jim's book, remember to E - NUN - CI - ATE and SMILE while singing.  



Guidelines for in person services:

    • Alternating pews are blocked off to maintain proper distance between individuals and families
    • Communion will be distributed in front of the altar, in one kind (bread only) by families/individuals so as not to utilize the altar rail
    • Families/individuals will be dismissed separately
    • Main doors will remain open during arrival and dismissal, so doorknobs remain untouched
    • All non-porous surfaces will be sanitized following each service
    • The offertory plate will not be passed but instead be centrally located
    • Hand Sanitizer is available immediately outside the restroom and everyone is asked to please use it before entering the restroom.
  • Mask wearing is mandatory; please provide your own.
  • For the time being there will be no nursery care, Sunday School, or coffee hour before, during or after the service and the office building will be locked and inaccessible

If you feel uncomfortable returning to in-person services, they will continue to be live streamed through Facebook. To request that communion be brought to you please schedule a time with Father Horton, 817-846-7027. 




                                  Monday                  8:45 am:  Morning Prayer – live streamed


                                 Tuesday                  8:45 am:  Morning Prayer -live streamed


                        Wednesday                 8:45 am:  Morning Prayer – live streamed

                                                           6:30 pm:  Holy Eucharist – in person and live streamed


                         Thursday                    8:45 am:  Morning Prayer – live streamed


                             Friday                   8:45 am:  Morning Prayer – live streamed


                         Sunday                     9:00 am:  Holy Eucharist – in person and live streamed




Have a great week!  You are being prayed for! 


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