This Week at St. Gregory's January 7-13, 2019


Tuesday morning’s small group study meets tomorrow (January 8), 10am at the home of Cheri Davis.


Holy Eucharist will be said at Watercrest, Wednesday (January 9) at 1pm.


Holy Eucharist will be said Wednesday (January 9) at 6:30pm.


Choir will practice Thursday (January 10) at 7pm.


Sunday School resumes Sunday (January 13).


Guild and Ministry leaders!!  Please get your Annual Reports in! 






                          Tuesday           10:00 am:  Small Group study


                    Wednesday             1:00 pm:  Holy Eucharist at Watercrest

                                                   6:30 pm:  Holy Eucharist


                      Thursday            7:00 pm:  Choir Practice


                     Sunday               9:00 am: Holy Eucharist

                                              10:00 am: Fellowship

                                             10:15 am:  Sunday School resumes


Have a great week!  You are being prayed for!


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