This Week at St. Gregory's February 18-24, 2019

Tuesday morning’s small group study meets tomorrow (February 19), 10am at the home of Cheri Davis.


Vestry Meeting is tomorrow (Tuesday, February 19) at 6pm.


Holy Eucharist will be said Wednesday (February 20) at 6:30pm.


 Choir will practice Thursday (February 21) at 7pm.


Pet Partner Evaluations will take place in the parish hall Saturday, February 23, beginning at 9am.


Canned Meat will be collected next Sunday (February 24) for the food pantry at Trinity Presbyterian. 


CR Smith Museum Trip is planned for Thursday, February 28, 11am.  In addition to the permanent exhibit, a very special event is also on exhibit. FLIGHT 1549: MIRACLE on the HUDSON which is returning to the museum for a limited time in honor of the 10th Anniversary. Admission is $6 per person. If we have a group of 15, the price goes down to $4. If interested in attending, please indicate on the sign-up sheet or contact Maria Casamento (maria@casamento.org) 817-266-3306.  Maria willneed a count and admission by Sunday, February 17 in order to finalize arrangements.






                          Tuesday                 10:00 am:  Small Group study

                                                          6:00 pm:  Vestry Meeting


                    Wednesday                  6:30 pm:  Holy Eucharist

                                                        7:00 pm:  Bible Study


                      Thursday                 7:00 pm:  Choir Practice


                      Saturday                9:00 am:  Pet Partner Evaluations


                     Sunday                    Collection of Canned Meat

                                                     9:00 am: Holy Eucharist

                                                  10:00 am: Fellowship

                                                 10:15 am:  Sunday School


Have a great week!  You are being prayed for!


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